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Seeds and microgreens

Our seeds and sprouts are carefully selected for hobby farmers who grow outdoors, and indoors, all-year-round. We have included favorites from 1933 along with new assortments of flowers, vegetables, and herbs to our product range. We test our products every year to ensure they live up to our quality standards. We are well aware of the different climates and value the knowledge of our farming friends and enthusiasts from all around the world.

It is fun and satisfying to be able to grow your own food! Among our vegetable seeds, you will find both carrots and rich tomatoes, exciting berries, and cabbage varieties. They have a high germination rate, and when allowed to mature at their own pace, they really burst with full flavor.

Micro Greens are small, very nutritious sprouts and leaves that can be grown indoors all-year-round. About 2-4 weeks after sowing, the sprouts are about 5-10 cm long and ready to eat. The leaves are delicious not only in a salad or on a sandwich, but also as a side to hot dishes or in a smoothie. Some of them, such as Garden cress and radish, have a peppery taste with a lot of character. Other varieties, such as broad beans and peas, have a nutty and mild flavor. Which will be your favorite?

The lid of the Micro Leaf box works like a mini-greenhouse. The cultivation boxes also have drainage holes that make it easier to maintain moisture.

With Micro Leaf, you can quickly and easily grow vitamin-packed goodies on the windowsill in the middle of winter!


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