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Grow Lights


LED Grow lights and ramps

Light is important to plants, especially when they grow indoors. As soon as plants begin to sprout, they need light. During the darkest months, daylight isn’t sufficient. Too little light makes plants scraggy and fragile. For best results combine daylight with an extra grow light all-year-round.

Our grow lights can be extended as the plants grow. We have suspension devices for all phases of cultivation. Choose between a hanger with a lift mechanism, a hanger with a suction cup, and our collapsible hanger.

Our energy-efficient LED ramp No.1 is available in two lengths, 60 cm, and 85 cm. They are excellent for your indoor cultivation. Illuminate an even larger area by adding on with an additional LED ramp No.2. NOTE! LED ramps No.1 and No.2 are newer versions with different sizes (larger diameter). Adaptors are required for use with earlier versions.

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